Cankiri Rock Salt

If the subject is Crystal Rock Salt, the solution is Cankiri Salt!

Turkey's largest and best-selling rock salt and Çankırı natural crystal salt lamps brand Çankırı Salt Lamps!

Cankiri Tuz Lamba, that foundations were laid in 2011, first started operating as an e-commerce site.

Then our company quickly institutionalized and became a brand.

Our company is 2nd company that switched to 'clicks and bricks' model.

Cankiri Tuz Lamba has continuously increased the number of branch since its establisment.

Cankiri Tuz Lamba, one of Turkey's most beloved trademark, supplies Cankırı salt and rock salt products to hundreds of thousands of costumers though contracted cargo companies.

Our company, where you can buy Cankiri salt and rock salt at the best wholesale price, supplies wholesale shipping services with cargo companies.

Cankiri Tuz Lamba, is a global player trying to achieve success which it has achieved in Turkey also at the international level.

Cankiri Tuz Lamba, Domestic and Foreign Trade, Marketing, Industry and Trade Limited Company ve

0850 532 35 60


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